Roadline is a relatively low odour two-component polyamide-cured epoxy resin based road and line marking paint that cures to give a tough, hard-wearing chemical, fuel and abrasion resistant film. Intended Uses Roadline is designed to be compatible with most of the surfaces that require line-marking paints to be applied.

These include roads, car parks (concrete or tarmac/weathered blacktop), airfield runways etc. Typical other uses are brick, paving and factory floor demarcations.

Technical Information

Colour Gloss level White, Yellow, Black and a limited colour range are available, subject to commercially viable order quantities. Some colours may contain lead-chromate pigments.

Recommended Dry Film Thickness Depends on environment and traffic density but a minimum of 150 microns is recommended. Theoretical Coverage 3.7 square metres per litre @ 150 microns DFT, giving (approx) a 50 metre line that is 75mm wide.

Method of Application

Lining machine, airless spray (tip size 13 thou), conventional spray, brush for small areas or lines. Drying Time Touch Dry ..... 1 hour. Handle ..... …..6 hours. Full Cure ….... 7 - 10 days dependent on temperature. Drying times are quoted at 20º C and will vary with actual conditions such as: film thickness, air movement, temperature and humidity.

Technical Data Application

The application surface should be dry and free from dust, oily residues and any other contaminants that might affect adhesion or performance. It is recommended that asphalt and other similar surfaces be allowed to through harden for upto 6 months before painting. Test trials should be carried out in the first instance on a small area. In the case of synthetic surfaces (such as ‘all-weather’ sports pitches), existing line marking paint and other areas where appearance or performance is important, it is further recommended that test areas be coated to ensure good adhesion and/or compatibility with the substrate/previously applied coatings. Do not apply or dry when either the air or surface temperature is below 10°C or when there is mist, fog, high humidity, snow, when rain is imminent, or when the surface to be painted is wet with condensation or when condensation may occur during the drying period. The surface temperature must always be a minimum of 3°C above dew point. Preparation, painting and drying should never be undertaken when the air temperature falls below the minimum temperature for the coating. 3 Base to 1 Activator (Roadline Activator) by volume. Allow to stand for 15 - 20 minutes when mixed before applying. Up to a maximum of 16 hours in closed containers, dependent on the ambient temperature. 4 - 12 hours or after overnight drying.