Roadline M6 is cold plastic technology (known as MMA).

It is a two component Methyl-Methacrylate road marking product that is resilient against both heat and cold, Roadline is extremely durable and is suitable for use in areas with high traffic wear such as mini round-abouts, box junctions, give-way lines, route, gateway and transverse bar markings and heavily trafficked roads. Roadline is easily applied by drawbox or spray. ‘Cold Plastic’ technology has been successfully used in Europe over the last 14 years – even in some of the toughest conditions.

From these experiences, the durability of Roadline is predicted to achieve acceptable performance for up to 10 years. Whilst initial cost is greater than that of other materials, ‘cold plastic’ has shown a cost saving of up to half when compared to alternative products over a 5-year period.

Coverage is approx 1m² per litre, therefore 10 linear metres per litre at 100mm wide at 1mm thickness. Roadline M6 has a dry retro-reflectivity of 200 mcd/sqm/lux. Nitesite is the effect created from a specific application technique of a variation of Roadline M6. This results in a unique profile, which sheds water and has excellent retro-reflectivity, giving much improved visibility and safety in dark and wet conditions.


After 4 years exposure on the A556 Northwich bypass, Nitesite achieved excellent bead retention resulting in exceptional reflective properties. Dry retro-reflectivity - 231 mcd. Wet night visibility - 118 mcd. The results outperform the industry standard BSEN 1463 Regulations. Wet night performance - Nitesite was noted to be at least 10 times brighter than conventional thermoplastic. Dry performance - Nitesite was noted to be 3 times brighter than conventional line. Skid resistance performance - Nitesite provided skid resistance in excess of 55 SRV (on conventional flat lines 45 can be expected). As a result Nitesite gives reproducible structured road markings allowing excellent wet night visibility to assist design engineers in the reduction of accidents on the roads and which will contribute greatly to the safety of all road users.