Thermoplastic Screed

Description :

Guidemaster is a non-reflective thermoplastic road marking material. It consists of a mixture of light coloured aggregates pigment and extender bound together with a thermoplastic binder system. The exact composition of a Guidemaster grade will depend on the specification requirements, however, the general makeup of the material is:

Binder System 20 parts Pigment and Extender 20 parts Aggregate 60 parts.

Use On highways for traffic delineation, advisory markings and mandatory markings where there is Class 1 street lighting. Used for Car Park and factory markings.


The material may be applied by either Screed, Extrusion or Spray techniques.

Surface Preparation

As with any coating or bonding process it is vital that the substrate is suitably prepared. Therefore in order to obtain the best performance from Guidemaster road marking materials the road surface shall be clean, dry and free from debris, detritus or any other contaminant material.

To assist adhesion to surfaces that have become polished, or to concrete roads, a tack coat should be used.