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Lines & Signs - providing a first class, road line marking service

Lines and Signs Limited offers its customers a wide range of services and line marking solutions in Thermoplastic Screed, Pre-formed Thermoplastic, MMA and Various Roadline Paints.

We are based by Heathrow Airport with good motorway access, we mainly cover London and the surrounding counties, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, and travel frequently to contracts further afield.

With over 25 years of lining experience Lines & Signs offer a quality line marking service, contact us for a free quotation or site visit, our advisor can assist you in the finding the best product for your lining needs.


Road Markings & Car Park Makings
Centre line and hatched speed ramp

The first thing your customers and clients see is your car park, make sure you make a good first impression with markings that stand out and give clear direction.

The main products we use are:

- Thermoplastic Screed,

- Thermoplastic Screed with Tack Coat

- Chlorinated Rubber,

Car Park Markings

- One Pack Epoxy

- Acrylic Water based Paints

Car Bays, disabled bays to DDA standards, directional arrows, pedestrian crossings, walkways, speed tables, lettering & numbering , hatched areas, double yellow lines, various logos, stop/give way junctions.

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Factory and Warehouse Markings

Pallet BaysLine Marking can be used to help organise your warehouse and to keep it tidy and inline with Health and Safety standards.

There are many different paints for all types of surfaces and areas such as low odour paints for food warehouse/factories or hard wearing paints where they may be forklift traffic.

Common paints used are:

- Chlorinated Rubber,

- One Pack Epoxy,

- Two Pack Epoxy/Polyurethane,

- Water Based Paints,

Safety lines, walkways, pedestrian logo, forklift logo, numbering & lettering, pedestrian crossings, hatched areas, etc.

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Playground Markings

Playground MarkingsHere at Lines & Signs Limited we believe playgrounds markings should be bright fun and educational.

We offer markings in Pre-formed Thermoplastic that offers just that. Pre-formed markings are extremely durable and is available in a wide range of bright colours and designs to make your playground fun and educational.

Items available include:

Hopscotch, compass, clocks, ladders with numbers or a-z, snakes with numbers or a-z, caterpillars with numbers or a-z, games such as snakes & ladders, mazes, chess board, tracks for road awareness training, numbered grids and times tables grids, shapes footprints.

For more information download our Fun Times Leaflet or Fun Times Catalogue.

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MUGA or Ball Court Markings

Muga games courtWe apply court markings in paint so that your are left with a court that has no raised lines.

Courts are marked out to British Sports Association sizes and colours where possible.

An anti-slip paint can be applied to the court prior to the marking of the lines to give addition grip to the playing surface or a professional look to your courts.

Basketball, netball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, 5-a-side, rounders.

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High Friction Surfaces

High friction surfacingWe offer various high friction surfaces, used for extra grip on pedestrian walkways, cycle routes and roadways or highlight the routes with bold colours.

- Thermoplastic Anti-Skid, 

- Various Anti-Slip Paints,

- MMA with Anti-Slip Aggregate,

- and Cold Pour Resins and Aggregates.

Generally used for walkways, disabled bays, tennis courts, on the approach to traffic lights, and junctions where additional grip is required.

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Removal of Line Markings

Removal by Thermal LanceWe can remove of unwanted lines, whether its just tidy up or to ensure that you don't have confusing or misleading directional signage.

We offer Removal by:

- Thermal Lance,

- Floor Scarifier,

- or by chemical means.

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